About Us

Steel River Inc. provides modern and fully equipped well-site trailers and accommodation solutions to both the oil and gas industries. Our modular manufacturing process ensures optimum quality control and a high level of environmental efficiency for all of our products. They are manufactured and certified to meet or exceed industry guidelines and regulations.

Steel River has production facilities in Pennsylvania, USA. Our attention to detail and exacting maintenance programs ensure comfortable accommodations and efficient workspaces guaranteed to keep your workforce happy. We have found that this attention to detail has helped with getting the most out of employees.

We have the flexibility to provide a standard layout or design and manufacture to customer specifications. Steel River will strive to be a best-in-class well-site provider for fit and finish, structural durability, living amenities and comfort.

Steel River has one of the strongest designed boxes in the relocatable structure industry. From minimum flex for easy transport, fortified floors to its steel frame, trailer durability is a source of pride.

We are more than a manufacturer as our offerings include everything from custom designed and built trailers to remote man camps. We are able to work with our clients to provide accommodation solutions to suit their specific needs.

We customize our trailers to your needs and environment but our cutting-edge construction methods keep us ahead of the competition. We will build to fit your schedule.